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Materiais Madeira Talhada
Loja Arenales 1141
Medidas +
Altura encosto144 cm / 56.69 in
Altura do assento45 cm / 17.72 in
Comprimento52 cm / 20.47 in
Profundidade44 cm / 17.32 in
Designer / Informação

Carving elegant legged stool, are considered everyday objects. Hehe The stools are characterized by having high parts were later cut to tribal leaders often refer to these as the chair or throne of the head. They were originally used for court ceremonies and initiations. They share their shape with the Nyamwezi Zoromo neighbor. Usually when the owner died, were burned, so it is rare to find these types of chairs. Style: Eastern Africa Subestilo: Eastern Tanzania Function: government