Materiais Cromo, Madeira
Escola Desenho Moderno e Contemporâneo
Loja Arenales 1141
Medidas +
Altura118 cm / 46.46 in
Comprimento28 cm / 11.02 in
Profundidade25 cm / 9.84 in

Alto-falantes: 90 Altura x 40 Diâmetro / Rádio: 118 Altura x 25 Profundidade x 28 Comprimento

Designer / Informação
Marcelo Peña

Marcelo Peña / Artista chileno Born in Chile, resides in Argentina Designer, creative and multifaceted. Inspired by the great masters of the Bauhaus and Art Deco movement. The " dreams of this artist" materialize in sculptures, masks, car design , lamp, furniture and an innumerable amount of objects that intervene from the world of the artist s imagination, printing his work an aesthetic and functional sense. Diferent materials play in their designs, wood, aluminum, bronze or copper and white metals. National design award 1998 Chile. Exhibition in Art Deco Weekend Miami Beach 2014. Works presented by exhibitors at the Antiques show in Miami and at Guevara Gallery, Buenos Aires Argentina, who exhibit, represent and market their works.


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