Vitrine (Atribuída a Louis Majorelle)

Materiais Vidro, Madeira Talhada
Escola Art Nouveau
Loja Defensa 982
Medidas +
Altura192 cm / 75.59 in
Comprimento97 cm / 38.19 in
Profundidade33 cm / 12.99 in
Designer / Informação
Louis Majorelle

French cabinetmaker and decorator, a leading member of the "Nancy School" founded by Emile Galle in 1901. Son of Auguste Majorelle, a specialist in eighteenth-century reproductions, studied painting at the School of Fine Arts in Paris under the direction of Jean-Françoise Millet. On the death of his father, back to Nancy to take over the family business. By 1890, he left the reproductions and influenced by Gallé start creating Art Nouveau furniture. Majorelle furniture had, less naturalistic features than those of Gallé, abstract drawings often proposed, and combined with walnut ¬ ras made ​​exotic mahogany, tamarind in linear strips or boxes that were undulating contours, also used metal applications in contrast wise perfectly smooth surfaces and dense simi ¬ lar to marbled waves and waters in ¬ creped on which appeared the two butterflies fluttering dragonflies-arranged with locks. Majorelle, in order to control the object in its spatial development and volume, prepared their models in clay pieces before passing the carpenter In 1900 exposed to the lounge and library for the Universal Exhibition of Paris, and obtained great success through her works inspired by nature, added to its machine shop and combining his work with labor to marquetry, carvings, sculpture, ... able to increase production and reduce the price. His furniture and finely polished brass sconces, and stylized botanical motifs are characteristic. After the first World War, goes back to work and adapt to new trends in the Art Deco. At his death, the business passed to his pupil Alfred Lévy.