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2 Poltronas ( Lorenz - Thonet)

Materiais Cromo
Escola Art Déco
Loja Defensa 982
Medidas +
Altura72 cm / 28.35 in
Comprimento58 cm / 22.83 in
Profundidade55 cm / 21.65 in
Designer / Informação
Lorenz- Thonet

Thonet- Lorenz chairs The Hungarian Anton Lorenz become famous as a designer of timeless steel tube furniture 1927 in Berlin he met Kalman Lengyel, who was looking for production facilities for Marcel Breuer`s designs, with whom he had just founded the company "Standard Mobel" (Standard Furniture). The two business- and fellow countrymen soon found an agreement, and Anton Lorenz produced Breuer`s designs in his own metal workshop and was also business manager of "Standard Mobel". Anton Lorenz, who obviously had the right touch in businnes, was always looking for new sources of income. In 1929 Anton Lorenz acquired the rights for Stam`s chair and started his own company "DESTA" (Deutsche Stahlmobel-German Steel Furniture). "Standard Mobel" was taken over by the company "Thonet" the same year. He went on a business trip to Paris in 1939, the same time World War II broke out. In the face of the political situation, Lorenz decided not to return to Germany and tried to gain a foothold overseas, staying in the furniture and patent business up until his death in Greenwich/Connecticut in 1964