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Why you Should Invest in Antiques?

  • They are a good option for investments. Internationally traded, revalue the resold.
  • They give pleasure, a better life quality, uplifting our spirit and sensitivity.
  • In your business or home environments create pleasant, give prestige.
  • Your hosts will be able to enjoy of their artwork, generating business reputation.
  • Improve the home atmosphere and social prestige.
  • They are unique and exclusive property.

Which are the advantages to invest in antiques?

The antique business is always a great opportunity to invest in assets that are revalued constantly, inclusive in time crisis like the one we live nowadays. It’s only a matter of knowing enough to wait for market expanding and products demand begin to rise again. Many investors use the antiquities as a refuge in time crisis. Investing in antiques is not a cost, however it´s a very auspicious business. While other property loses value when is acquired, in the case of an object of this kind is quite the opposite because are revalued over time.

One of the advantages is that you can begin to buy slowly, one piece at a time, beginning with little money, as you increase the number of pieces, surely you will become an expert on the subject.

“The scarce goods are always a refuge, like properties or good works of art, and that´s why people buy this kind of objects” tells Eduardo Ruiz – Moreno, director for Latin America and Spain of Edmond de Rothschild Asset Management.

If you have noticed that investing in the stock exchange is sometimes volatile and for well knowledge people, why not to invest in something more tangible like antiques?

If you buy for investment, the keyword is “specialization”.

When you make your first purchase, you have to try to learn as much as you can. For example, never buy imperfect things, always check that the glass or the ceramic is not broken or scratched, because of this depends the value of the piece.

As well, take in count that the object is well restored, because nowadays there are few good artisans and they charge prices related with the work they make.

Buy an antique dealer you trust, generates greater peace of mind for the buyer because it will generate a safer investment because of their knowledge and experience.

Because not all the antiques pieces are revalued, the buyer must know that the objects with poor quality in the past, continue to be poor quality in the present.


How to realize about the quality?


You realize at a glance, the quality of the terminations are bad, the wood use are poor and the low strength. The good will remain good over time, and this will be reflected in the prices of the object.

Investing in antiques has few risks, in contradiction of the stock exchange, you could also enjoy of your investment while watching the increase in prices.


It´s a good investment buy antiques?

  • Yes. Internationally traded. The values pushed by global demand are due to local economies thus ensuring its recovery.
  • Yes. Increase its resale value. While you enjoy it gains value and prestige.
  • Yes. Large companies bought them as an investment, which then exhibits prestige to your brand and improves the business climate.
  • Yes. Many entrepreneurs become in collectors. Then through foundations unveil their collections, obtaining tax advantages.
  • Yes. Collectors are always trying to buy the best pieces, pressing demand and restricting supply.
  • Yes. Assets are unique pieces and limited supply. Because of the fact that they are antiques, are unique and they quickly exhausted.
  • The operation is made with total reserve without alerting about your investment.
  • Being older can be considered family assets.

Who have or buy antiques?

  • Those who are not satisfied with little and want a sophisticated lifestyle.
  • Those who enjoy their investments.
  • Those who prefers the good quality of antique furniture as opposed to a modern one.
  • Who want to enjoy fine materials that nowadays are impossible to achieve, because of the high production costs, as well as the incorporation of extinct woods.
  • Those who not only want to own a luxury car.
  • Those who buy them knowing that they are making an excellent investment.
  • Those who have them in their family.
  • Those who are part of a small group of people with refined tastes, accustomed to travel the world´s cultural centers.

Helps the enviroment?

Buying antiques is one way to help the enviroment, because by recycling these old objects, avoid pruning new trees and saves energy, that would be necesary for the production of new goods. So in some way also helps the ecology.

Are rare parts?

  • Yes and their limited supply makes them an alternative investment. They are considered works of art.
  • In steady recovery. Traded internationally. Their values are driven by global demand without being exposed to local economies. Constantly increase its resale value.
  • They are exclusive. Prestige. They are cultural heritage, where produced some time and are the legacy of our ancestors.

Who can buy antiques?

Anybody. Don´t think that you need millions of dolars to invest in antiques or to start buying Picasso pictures or Da Vinci sculptures; otherwise you can start with a minimum of investment.

A lot of the big collectors have begun buying little pieces through the years and with the obtaining of new knowledge they become collectors.

Something important it´s to have very good taste and learn about the differences between good and bad pieces.

Only buy pieces that give you pleasure, because you are the one that will live with them.

This is an interesting business in many aspects, because of the economic benefits and the cultural gains you will obtain.