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  • The furniture and lighting objects that come into our hands generally must be restored entirely.
  • The chairs and armchairs reupholstered again as was done previously with springs and rubber band. Most of our furniture is upholstered in leather that came from Italy exportation.
  • We polish to lacquer or polyurethane rubber, depending on the use given.
  • It's a work that takes many months especially in the dining room tables because they need to be applied several coats, to be able to support hot objects and avoid scratches.
  • Regarding to the lighting it need to be disassembly in its entirety and plated or chrome over again and is given a finish to repel dirt.
  • Wiring, is made from scratch as in ancient times, because this type of lighting was not prepared to withstand electrical power that we have nowadays.
  • The Gold turns to bathe in silver and is put into a treatment that repels dirt.
  • We did not perform work for others.