Guevara Gallery is a company dedicated to antiques. We have 3 stores that we rent for advertising productions and fashion campaigns. Our furniture is also for rent for movies and tv productions, as well as for showcase design and fashion stores. We have worked for several important argentinean brands such as Portsaid, Desiderata, Maria Cher, Etiqueta Negra and many more.


  • Axe
  • Baron B
  • Chandon
  • Desiderata
  • Fravega
  • ICBC
  • ILVA
  • Jesica Kessel
  • Nokia
  • Ona Saez
  • Portsaid
  • Prune

Movies productions:

  • Evita Alan Parker's
  • Felicitas de Teresa Constantini.
  • Juan y Eva de Paula de Luque.
  • La dueña ( Miniserie) Diego Palacio
  • Los que aman, odian Alejandro Maci
  • Nueve Reinas de Fabián Bielinsky.
  • Siete Años en el Tibet de Jean-Jacques Annaud.
  • Tesis sobre un Homicidio Hernán Goldfrid
  • Yo soy así, Tita de Buenos Aires Teresa Constantini

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