Material Etched Glass
School Art Nouveau
Store Defensa 982
Measure +
High42 cm / 16.54 in
Diameter30 cm / 11.81 in
Designer / Information

David Gueron, Turkish and a former fighter of the French Foreign Legion, was the founder of the "Cristalleries De Compiegne". This glassworks mainly produced household glass in the early '20. David Gueron soon discovered that he wanted more with his capacities in the glass industry. In 1926 he founded a new factory, which he called "Verrerie D'Art Degue" and put his full attention on the designing and production of Art Deco luxury art-glass. His factory was at "Boulevard Malesherbes" and his showroom at the "41 rue de Paris". Gueron mainly produced vases, lamps and chandeliers. His glass got well known because of it's full and deep colors, which he achieved with a special process (especially red, orange, yellow and green). Gueron was also guilty of copying designs of other successful French glass artists like Daum, Galle, Muller Freres and Schneider. One can see imitation as the highest form of flattery, but Schneider thought else wise and sued Degue, who not only imitated, but also managed to take on several glassworkers of Schneider as well. Schneider eventually won the lawsuit, but the lengthily law process (1926-1932), cost both firms a lot of money and they both almost had to close their factories. When the Second World War started David Gueron shut his glassworks. He fled France and was lat seen in Paris in 1949. His factory in Compiegne still stands and is nowadays owned by a company selling tiles and doorframes. The old furnace downstairs still has glass melted to its walls.