Guevara Gallery

Hanging Lamp

Material Chrome Plated Brass, Glass, Silver plate
School 19th Century
Store Arenales 1141
Measure +
High40 cm / 15.75 in
Diameter50 cm / 19.69 in
Designer / Information
Siglo 19

19th century usually defined by concurrent revival styles, including Gothic, Neoclassicism and Rococo. The design reforms of the late century introduced the Aesthetic movement and the Arts and Crafts movement. The first decades of the 19th century were a period of relative peace and prosperity. Classical and Egyptian motifs were also adapted for decorative use. Mahogany and rosewood were popular and much furniture was japanned black, decorated with gilded lines and ornamental devices. Brass mounts and inlaid lines of brass and ebony were also fashionable. During this period, Dublin furniture firms such as Mack Williams and Gibton, George Gillington, Joshua Kearney, James Del Vecchio, and George Murray thrived. From the second half of the 19th century Robert Strahan adopted the current Victorian styles.