Silverware Set (12 people )

Material Plate
School 19th Century
Store Defensa 982
Designer / Information
Bruckman Sterling Silver

Manufactured by Peter Bruckmann & Sóhne de Heilbron in Germany The firm was established by Georg Peter Bruckmann (1778-1850) in Heilbronn (Germany) in 1805. At his death he left a growing and flowering hollowware and flatware manufactory which was managed by his widow and his sons Wolfgang Peter Bruckmann (1818-1891) and Ernst Dietrich Bruckmann (1829-1870). After the death of Ernst Dietrich Bruckmann the business was continued by his widow Pauline along with Wolfgang Peter Bruckmann. Later, two sons of Ernst Dietrich Bruckmann entered in the activity: Peter Bruckmann (1865-1937) in 1885 and Ernst Bruckmann in 1887. Under their guidance the activity developed and in 1898 a new factory, considered the larger German silverware manufactory, was opened in Lerchenstraße. After the destruction suffered in WWII and the new factory rebuilt after the war the business was sold in 1968 to Gerofabriek NV. In 1970 the production was transferred in Neckarsulm until 1973 bankruptcy. The maker's mark for silver wares was the "Eagle with spread wings and legs" while for plated flatware the "Locomotive" symbol was used.


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