Guevara Gallery


Material Silver plate
School Art Nouveau
Store Defensa 982
Measure +
High11 cm / 4.33 in
Long42 cm / 16.54 in
Depth33 cm / 12.99 in
Designer / Information

Christofle is a manufacturer of fine silverware and home accessories based in France. Christofle's origins date back to 1830, when the jeweler Charles Christofle assumed leadership of a jewely workshops related to the family of his wife. Christofle today is represented by Maurizio Borlerri Christofle Among the product lines include planters, vases, cutlery, table, porcelain, silver and jewels. They are known for their silver bath. He did special work for the French palaces. Artists and designers worked as Man Ray, Jean Cocteau, Gio Ponti, Andrée Putman, Martin Szekely, Ito Morabito Ora-Ito and Richard Hutten. In Bouilhet-Christofle Museum. You can see several pieces performed by the artistes listed above. The museum's main collection is housed in a Paris suburb at 112, rue Ambroise Croizat, Saint-Denis, France, and is open every day. Maison Christofle was founded in 1845 by Charles Christofle (1805-1863), and became Napoleon III Goldsmith and one of the most important nineteenth-century France. The Museum currently has over 2000 items bathed in silver that reflect the company's history from its founding until today. It contains examples of Naturalism, Orientalism, Japonisme, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, etc.. Items produced for exhibitions, and documents a wide range of techniques including electroplating, enamelling, etc..