Armchair ( Atribuida Edward Wormley)

Material Wood
School '50
Store Defensa 982
Measure +
High90 cm / 35.43 in
Long53 cm / 20.87 in
Depth48 cm / 18.90 in
Designer / Information

The elegant, understated and seemingly timeless furniture designed by Edward Wormley (1907-1995) was marketed throughout the forties, fifties and sixties as accessible necessities for the conservative, up-scale market that hadn't quite come around to modernism, which was seen as more avant-garde. Embracing the soft, curved lines of the period, he was praised for his fine craftsmanship, and for his ability to subdue a blatant 'self-expression' in his work. Wormley paid acute attention to the delicate interplay involved in selling a new style to people, writing that "modernism means freedom -- freedom to mix, to choose, to change, to embrace the new butto hold fast to what is good." In 1931 , work for the company Dunbar Indiana, each piece was hand check . He also garnered a powerful advertising presence in all major industry magazines , mentioning Wormley each time. Wormley in 1945 opened his own office in New York


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