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Almost 30 years of experience supporting Luis Guevara, Art Deco specialist, has just opened its third store in San Telmo.
In the vast hall, time seems stopped and the force of furniture that are shown, in turn, the strength of the classics and versatility to enter into dialogue with different styles of decoration. It is what it feels like when you cross the huge iron gate of the premises of Guevara Gallery, 1084 Balcarce, San Telmo, the historic center of Buenos Aires.
This is the third store of Luis Guevara, known in the world of antiques for his career of nearly 30 years. Objects and furniture us back to the beautiful time of the 20 and 30. It is common to see part of this heritage in films, commercials and fashion productions. "When Alan Parker came to the country to film Evita, with Madonna, we rented all the pieces for the mood to Argentina in those years," recalls the couple Luis and Andrea Guevara.
A staircase that opens into two we get, in your great display showing the large size of the room. "These 1000 square meters allowed us Art Deco show objects that were stored for over 15 years," they say. Is that, according to her, her husband is a constant buyer of antiques and the need for more space became imperative in recent months.
"A lot of furniture out of the tank only when a buyer chose, but now we have them polished and display."
So on the ground floor and mezzanine in much of the games exhibit large room with tables that reach 3.5 meters long. They are accompanied by chandeliers and floor lamps that belonged to the houses of the time.
You can also enjoy part of his collection of over 300 signed glasses.
"My favorite is a vase of Charles Schneider, a brilliant designer, whose company produced a wide range of lamps and vases. I bought it from a collector friend. It is an art glass, with applications of three well-defined colors: red, yellow and orange, "explains Andrea.

It comes from the family
Luis Guevara is a second generation family antiques. The passion for the classics and the trained eye inherited from his father, Francisco Luis Guevara, who in the 60's embraced the profession in Mendoza. The road was like son of Louis, but started at 1982m in San Telmo. "In the métier of the valuable antique dealer are the thousands of exquisite detail, accumulated experience, which constitute the best guarantee we can have the customer," says Guevara.
In the beginning, still very young, accompanied his father on business trips.
He devoted himself to get furniture and sculptures that were bought in San Telmo at the request of Mendoza wineries. These search and shopping trips they opened the doors partly Buenos Aires market.
Over the years, Guevara has specialized in a style: Art Deco. "I was intrigued because it brings together various art forms that converged between the twenties and thirties in Europe and America.
It is characterized by the designs, often exotic, straight lines and geometric shapes. Cubism, the Bauhaus, the art of Egypt, Africa, East and America together in this movement which became the undisputed symbol of glamor that marked an era, " says Luis, who has from German metal parts WMF to horses ever focused on a carousel.
The opening of the premises was carried out in accordance with the launch of the Congress of Art Deco, it will be this year in Rio de Janeiro in August. Two weeks in which Guevara give vent to their enthusiasm.