材料 铬黄, 玻
流派 '60
存储 Balcarce街1084号
尺寸 +
高度14 cm / 5.51 in
长度39 cm / 15.35 in
深度21 cm / 8.27 in
设计师 / 讯息

Furniture created during the 1950’s and 60’s is usually described as Scandinavian Contemporary. This furniture style is marked by the use of natural wood and a utilitarian design. The influences of Scandinavian Contemporary are viewable in many of today’s modern furniture styles The wood:Black walnut, hickory, and mahogany were some of the more beautiful dark woods that were used. Other popular woods used during the construction of furniture include Birch, Elm, Maple, Oak, and Teak. Furniture during these decades had less ornamentation than in the past. Furniture was not as much of a status symbol as it was in past times and thus not as much attention was paid to ornamentation. Rather simple designs, utilitarian in style were created. While it was a shame to see less ornamentation in furniture, it is a testament to the increasing value placed on its actual usage. It is a result of this frame of mind that there was an increase in upholstery that created comfortable furniture.